Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thank Yous continued

To Indie,
Thank you, little man, for being the soul of goofiness.  You have the most joyous personality and it never ceases to amuse me.  Thank you for having a smile through all experiences.  You show me that optimism is always a good thing to hang on to.
Thank you for working so hard with me.  You found me and didn't know who you could trust, so you were quick to use your teeth.  You showed how far you've come when you didn't bite anyone during the x-rays of your broken leg  Now, I am hoping you will become a therapy dog.  You show what hard work and kindness can do.
Thank you for loving to cuddle and always wanting to be petted.  You love to be with people and share it with everyone.  Your silly antics and idea that you are a German Shepherd always make me feel better
I love you.