Sunday, March 22, 2009

"You're not as depressed as I thought you'd be"

That is what my former boss and still mentor said to me on Saturday.  We were talking about everything that has gone on this semester and what might result from it.  He was surprised I'm not super depressed.
Now, I certainly have my moments.  I'm looking at not graduating when I thought I would and not going to vet school for at least another year.  That sucks.  My OCD does not like speed bumps in my life plan.
But, as I told him, what does being depressed get me?  I will still be sick and they still won't know why and my grades will still suck.  So why be depressed on top of it?  If I enjoy everything else and have fun at it, I'm pretty sure I'll be better off than if I was laying in bed bitching and listening to my entire collection of emo music.