Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let's go for a little less depressing

So I realize that my blog has taken a turn for the depressing and whiny.  I need to remedy that and prove I am not a total emo (haha) so I decided to steal from a message board I'm on.  Someone asked what you would say if you wrote Thank You letters to your pets.  After mulling on this a bit, I thought I'd post them one at a time since they will probably be rather long.

To Dixie,
Thank you for being my heart dog.  When I walked into the shelter that day, I wasn't planning on walking out with a dog.  I wanted a big dog and had never even heard of a Catahoula.  Thank you for always being happy to see me and greeting me with total love and exuberance.  You have a smile that I know you save for me.  Thank you for always knowing when I'm sad and letting me cry into your fur.  Thank you for being brilliant and learning everything I teach you.
Thank you for always wanting to be touching me when you sleep on the bed.  Thank you for wanting to protect me when you think something might harm me.  I know you wouldn't hurt a fly, but your protectiveness always make me feel safer when I'm home alone.
Thank you for being so fabulous that everyone loves you.  Even when you get excited and forget some of your manners, everyone still adores you.  Thank you for progressing in every issue we've worked on.
Thank you for giving me hope of being healthy and training both of us for agility.  Thank you for letting me see the gorgeous sight of you in full run, totally enjoying yourself.  you remind me that life really is about enjoying the simple things and living in the moment.
Thank you for being so gentle with all the other animals.  You are part of the reason Indie is such a great dog now.  You were perfect even when Karma was a one pound ball of fluff.  You even managed to charm Pip, and he was terrified of everything.
Thank you for finding me and getting me through every rough time.  You have been a life saver for me.
I love you.