Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My immune system and I need to have a heart to heart

So my doctor put me on 2 new meds, one antibiotic I haven't been on yet on the off chance I have some rare form of cat scratch disease, the other a possible alternative to the percocet.  Unfortunately, as the day progressed, I started turning into my allergic alter-ego with red spots all over and a nice sexy wheeze (haha).
In 22 years of having allergies I have never had any medication allergies.  Now, within a month, I've had 2 pop up.  Already it seems that my immune system is a bit wonky, since I have a swollen upper arm and tons of pain, but this is getting a little ridiculous.
The stumped doctor count is up to 9 now.  They are going to send me to a hematologist/oncologist who has been compared to Dr. House and can apparently find the right diagnosis no matter how rare it is.
Now I'm off to continue to drug myself with Benadryl and hope I'm not red and splotchy on Thursday.