Tuesday, March 24, 2009

They find you when you need them

That is my family's theory on animals. All of our animals have helped us through hard times. That being said, I suppose someone decided that I needed another small furry to help me get through everything right now.
This little guy was found in my backyard by my roommate's dog. I decided to keep him and his name is now Pippin
Check out those baby blues
Nap time!
Taking a bath
Don't forget me mom!
What cha doing?

He has a red tail, nose and ears
Karma likes her baby brother
His blue camo collar...matches his eyes
Prowling the bed savannah

We estimate his age around 13 weeks.  He is will be getting snipped soon (as I will not own an unneutered animal).  He is a total sweetheart and purrs 24/7.  He is gaining confidence and venturing out of my room more and more.