Friday, March 20, 2009


I used to tell people that I was a medical mystery. I would like to correct myself and say that then I was a medical anomaly.  Now I am a medical mystery.
I have stumped a surgeon, an infectious disease doctor, an allergist and 2 general practitioners.  I am in sever pain in my left arm.  I bruise if you look at me wrong and won't be wearing anything but long pants until they can fix that.  I'm losing enough hair that I could make a sweater.
My bloodwork is unremarkable, an ultrasound, a doppler and an MRI have shown nothing.
The doctors have no clue.  It could be arthritis, it could be cancer, it could be fibromyalgia, it could be autoimmune.
This is truly one of the most terrifying experiences I have ever been through.  I can't work right now because the pain gives me limited use of my arm.  I can't lift anything with it, I can't even lay on that side without spouting obscenities.  I can't have my dogs with me because I bruise if they jump on me (another reason I can't work).  I've missed about a month of school and it is looking more and more like I won't get to graduate this spring.  I might never get to go to vet school, depending upon the diagnosis.
I'm having a bone scan on Tuesday to see if there is any cancer or any other abnormalities in there.  I'm trying to get into a rheumatologist, but they can't see me until April 20th.