Thursday, March 19, 2009

The "First Post"

So I have joined the rest of the blogging world.  i'd like to think my life is interesting enough that others want to read about it. At least it will probably be amusing.
The basics about me?
I'm a pre-vet student (until May anyways) hoping to eventually get into vet school.  I work as a vet tech in a very diverse area and I love it.
I have 2 dogs, a Catahoula Leopard Dog and a chihuahua/corgi/yorkie/dachshund/godonlyknowswhat mix.  I also have a cat that I hand raised who is a slight holy terror towards the rest of the world.  All three are rescues, which I really support.  I also support spay/neuter of all pets.
I judge people based on their animals.  If you buy a doodle, oodle, shitpoo or any other crossbred, I will frown upon you.  If you breed your animal and it isn't a champion show dog, I wouldn't recommend talking to me.
Animals are one of the main focuses in my life. 
I seriously have the best friends ever.  They have helped me through a lot and I love them for putting up with me.
I have asthma and allergies but I refuse to let that deter me from my passion.
I have 12 piercings and 4 tattoos and I love them all.  No, I didn't get them to rebel, I got them because I like them.
I love watching football and college basketball.  I was raised a Tarheel fan but saw the light and converted to the Wolfpack...who I love even in our bad years.
I don't really like country music.