Saturday, May 23, 2009

My thoughts scatter with the breeze

I'm feeling a bit random and thoughtful right now, so this is going to be a bit scattered.
I don't know if I've said it as much as I think it, but my mom has been my angel through this illness.  She has become my best friend and my rock.  She doesn't get angry when the pain and frustration makes me snippy.  She holds me and comforts me when I'm overwhelmed by the pain or the situation.  She accommodates me with anything I need.  She helps me take care of my animals even when it inconveniences her.  She never, ever complains about anything.  She has been so proactive about this illness and researching what it could be and where I should go.  She gets me out of the house for little excursions so I don't go stir crazy.  I don't know that I would have made it this far in an ok frame of mind without her.  I am so proud of my mama.  I owe her a debt that can never be repaid for everything she is doing for me through this illness.
Dixie is my 35 lb angel.  She sleeps with me now and keeps an eye one me while I sleep.  Today we took a nap and she crawled up to lay against my back and keep me cozy.  Her obedience continues to improve leaps and bounds and I think her assistance dog certification will be achieved in no time.  She already has some behaviors that just need to be polished a bit more that will count for it.  Being able to take her everywhere with me will not only be great for her physical help (my 4-legged purse and helper) but for the mental aspect of it.  She calms me down and always lifts my mood.  We really do have an uncommon connection and it is amazing how in tune she is with me.
I got to see Kim and Mary for the first time in over a month on Friday.  That lunch was like therapy for me.  Being with them again lifted my spirits so much.  They are two of my best friends and when we get together it is hilarious and we are always laughing.  I miss going out with Kim, Tory and everyone else.  Parmalee is playing at Downtown Live next weekend and I want to go so badly.  Those concerts are some of the best times we have in Raleigh.
We are back to square one with the illness.  We thought we had a diagnosis but it doesn't look like it now.  I think we are going to head to UNC and see what they can figure out.