Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm a walking fault line

So this weekend was going well.  I got my hair washed and styled at our favorite salon.  I got some cute new shirts, a great skirt and some fabulous heels.  I got to hang out with my mom, aunt and little cousin.  I was frustrated that my favorite pair of heels was MIA.  I was irritated that my arm stopped me from doing alot.  Moving around alot made my arm hurt and the pain meds wore off a bit quicker than they do when I'm resting at home.  I got in the car to come home and I started shaking.  The tremors were back but they weren't as bad and I took an ativan as soon as I got home.  This time I only shook for 2 hours.  Dixie was there for me along with the rest of my family that went shopping.  At one point she laid on my lap while I was shaking.
I'm better now.  I m going to worker harder to get Dixie certified so she can be with me all the time and hopefully alert before this happens.