Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My animals are the bright spot in this illness

So the mystery illness has started to take its toll on my body.  The past two days I have felt truly sick.  I have no energy and I just feel blah.  My left side keeps swelling and it just sucks.  My arm hurts a lot.  No one knows why anything is going on and I think that is starting to wear on me mentally.  I haven't seen anyone other than my family since I moved home.  I can't do much of anything.  Going out to the mall and walking around for an hour or two totally exhausts me.  It is very frustrating when I was so independent.
Karma and Dixie have been fabulous.  They both stay by my side around the house.  Dixie is so good around me and never jumps on my arm.  That dog has always been my rock and she continues to be that for me.  Karma stays by me too and is always ready to be my little lover.  She sleeps by me and sits with me and just purrs.  She is a bit of a brat to others (she has a foul mouth) but that cat adores me and I love her too.  I tell people that she treats me like her long lost kitten.  She even gives me kisses!