Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sometimes I don't want to believe my ears

So as I was heating up my dinner tonight, my dad had on the CBS Evening News and I was listening half-heartedly when this story came on (  I very nearly gave myself whiplash when I heard this: "Why would you care? If we get the information we needed and America is better protected, who cares?" replied former CIA officer Michael Scheueur. "These are not Americans."
I know my jaw hit the floor.  Now, let me say that I harbor no love for murders of any type.  But really?  These people can be tortured and it is perfectly ok because they aren't Americans?!? To me this just smacks of the racism and sexism that our country has worked so hard to overcome.  Why are we allowed to determine that a non-American is less of a person?  How can anyone think it is ok to take away another person's humanity?  I get it, these are people who were willing to commit terrible crimes.  But to torture them and then disregard them so?  You make them no better than animals.
Many of the terrorists were doing what they felt was called for by their religion.  So many Christians today smirk down their noses at all Muslims because of these few.  Perhaps one should examine their own history before becoming so arrogant and smug.  The atrocities committed in the name of Jesus are appalling.  But, those are ok, because it was in the name of Jesus, right?  It is ok to dehumanize a fellow man as long as he is not and American (and that usually follows with the Christian caveat).
We wonder why the entire world holds little love for us.  Well, people, maybe this is why.  We allow people to make these terribly crass statements on national evening news programs.  Why would they not think we have a god complex?
Regularly scheduled blogging will return soon, but this boggled my mind and I had to get it out.