Sunday, November 1, 2009

On the road again....

Tomorrow Mom and I are leaving for Atlanta. I am seeing a woman who does the human version of the Tellington Touch (an excellent acupressure technique that started in animals). She has rave reviews from others who have been in significant pain, so we are hoping she will be able to help me. I'll make sure to blog updates while I'm there.

This weekend was great. Saturday was Halloween and I went to trunk or treat with my Aunt Kay and cousin. I took Dixie with me and suspended the no petting rule and she was a huge hit. Not to mention, Dixie adores kids so she was in heaven. After that I went to my best friend's sister's house and hung out there. I got to see most of my favorite people and I had a great time!

Here is a picture of Lola, me and Dixie in our costumes: