Friday, September 25, 2009

Mayo Clinic Day 1

We got to Jacksonville around 5 yesterday and just hung out at the hotel because we were all exhausted. We've had no access problems with Dixie and she has done great! We couldn't get the internet figured out so I could only check my e-mail and get on Facebook from Mom's iPhone.

Today we had to be at Mayo at 8. We saw my main doctor (who supports holistic medicine and has been rated as one of the top 25 in the US the past 2 years) and he sent me to get bloodwork, a chest x-ray and an ekg today. He also referred me to an upper cervical chiropractor who did an adjustment and a cold laser treatment. She was wonderful as well and super gentle. I was decently out of alignment and it was much better after the treatment

Tomorrow we know I have a breast ultrasound (since breast cancer runs in our family) and a few other tests. I will see a pain psychologist, breast specialist and one or two other doctors. I'm seeing the chiro 3 times next week as well.

Dixie has done really really well and has made me so proud. It is really hard for her to watch the doctor mess with me because it hurts, but she hasn't been disruptive at all. We've got to tell so many people her story and everyone is surprised she came from a shelter.