Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 2...sort of

So Mom and I got up bright and early at 7 AM to be at Mayo at 730 to be on standby for a breast ultrasound and some other tests. I dragged myself and Dixie out of bed, we walk down there and guess what? Yup, Mayo is closed on the weekend. Apparently my nurse had her days confused.
So we came back and went back to bed. We "slept in" and then decided to go to St. Augustine and the outlets there.
There was an American Apparel store and they had Andrew (my brother)'s favorite polos on sale for 10$ so we got him 6 to tide him over for a few months :-p We went around to BCBG, Gucci, Guess, Coach and the Bebe outlet, just to name a few. Surprisingly, I found 2 really cute tops and a nice scarf at bebe. Mom got an adorable pair of flats and we got out ridiculously cheap. I also got a great new pair of low top Chucks at the Converse store.
We also stopped at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for the best candy apples any where. I got 2 carmel with white chocolate and sprinkles and one candy apple and Mom got a caramel apple (although we've nibbled on al of them!). They are so hard to find in NC so I was super excited to get them here (yes, I'm a fat kid...I own it!)
We got some dinner and came back to the hotel because we were all tired and I was really sore.
Dixie did great, even when some smallish mutt tried to attack her. One of the ladies at the RMCF owned a Catahoula as well and gave Dixie a free peanut butter cookie dipped in white chocolate. Dixie now says that is one of her favorite places in the world too (and she says Christmas hint hint :-P )
Tomorrow we are going to sleep in and then maybe take Dixie to the beach for the first time. Then tomorrow night we are having dinner with two friends that live down here! I can't wait!
Monday we are back to the hospital at 730 for the breast ultrasound and more stuff.