Friday, July 17, 2009

Silver linings are always there, sometimes we just choose to ignore them

So I feel like I need to write a not so down update since I've been kind of blah in the past few. There have been some silver linings, they just have been hard for me to spot recently.
As I said, I'm going to be taking classes this fall. The illness is giving me the chance to get a business and psychology minor, which wasn't possible before. That will strengthen my resume and help my GPA out, so hopefully I will get accepted next time I apply to vet school.
I've gotten a break from the insanity that is a pre-vet student's life. Tons of classes that are obnoxiously difficult, work at enough vets to get the references you need and other activities to make you well-rounded. There is a reason that people who graduate with an ANS degree with pre-vet say they are crazy. You have to love and want this career to make it through. I was nearly burnt out and it was taking a toll on my health, my relationships, even my dogs.
This break has also given me a chance to think about what I want to do with the rest of my life. Now, before anyone starts thinking anything too crazy, I do still plan on going to vet school. For the past 10 years I thought I wanted to be a general practitioner. Side note: yes, I mean ten years. I have been telling people since I was 2 (we have video proof) that I was going to be a vet. Anyways, I have had a chance to look at what I truly loved and what didn't constantly stress me out. I've realized that my heart really lies in veterinary behavior. I love learning how to communicate with animals and help those that have problems. Indie and Dixie have both had behavior issues we had to work through and I loved it! I know so much more now and I know there are so many dog owners out there who don't know what to do and give up on problem dogs. There are so few veterinary behaviorists and people don't know about them. I want to work to change that.