Friday, June 12, 2009

A long overdue update

I know, I know.  I have totally slacked.  But I'm here all is well?
I saw a neurologist at Wake Forest Baptist.  He thinks it might be Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, but it isn't presenting like it normally does.  So he is referring me to an orthopedist that specializes in CRPS and hard to diagnose upper extremity issues.  I'm not getting excited, since we've been through this once already.  So we shall see where this goes.
My upper arm and everything else is still swollen.  And painful.  It hasn't gone down.  It actually got a bit bigger after the appointment, but I think that is because of all the manipulating and poking the neurologist did.
My family is leaving for the beach a week from Saturday.  I don't know how that will go.  My mom and I might come back early, depending on how I feel.  It is so hard to plan things, since I have no clue how I will feel that week.  I have to work up to going out for a few days and then I am exhausted for at least a day or two after.  I love to lay on the beach, but being in the sun wears me out.  Once again, we'll see.
I promise I will be better about blogging.  No more week long breaks.