Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yea, its been a long time

So since I last updated, I saw a new pain doctor, which was the worst experience I've had witha doctor in a very long time (maybe ever!). He was condescending (no, the piercings on my chest do not imply I am an idiot), unprofessional and he didn't listen to what I said about my health, which results in me getting a medication that really screws with asthmatics that almost put me in the hospital (and would have if I had taken the full dose he prescibed!). So I'm going back to my first pain doctor that I trust.
I started physical therapy and it went really well! My therapist was wonderful and worked with my pain limitations. I have exercises I can do in the pool to make it less painful. They even asked me to bring Dixie when I come so they will know if we are pushing too hard and so I will be more relaxed.
Dixie's training is going really well. I've kind of slacked off the past 2 weeks, but we are getting back in to things.
I also start school (via distance ed) on Wednesday. I'm taking 6 classes and will have mostly completed my business and psychology majors.
I promise I will try to update more.